Running QC in AliECS

Dear @bvonhall ,
I’m trying a basic MID QC workflow in AliECS…but I’m kind of stuck with some basic issue.
I tested that the workflow works with:

o2-raw-file-reader-workflow --input-conf MIDraw.cfg | o2-qc --config json:///home/mid/alice/QualityControl/Modules/MUON/MID/mid-raw.json

But when I try to create a workflow with AliECS, I get a series of error, the first of which is:

gRPC client can't dial command="source /etc/profile.d/ && MODULEPATH=/home/mid/alice/sw/MODULES/slc8_x86-64 module load O2 QualityControl Control-OCCPlugin && o2-dpl-raw-proxy -b --session default --dataspec 'x:MID/RAWDATA;dd:FLP/DISTSUBTIMEFRAME/0' --readout-proxy '--channel-config "name=readout-proxy,type=pull,method=connect,address=ipc:///tmp/stf-builder-dpl-pipe-0,transport=shmem,rateLogging=10"' | o2-qc -b --config json:///tmp/mid-raw.json | o2-dpl-output-proxy -b --session default --dataspec 'x:MID/RAWDATA;dd:FLP/DISTSUBTIMEFRAME/0' --dpl-output-proxy '--channel-config "name=downstream,type=push,method=bind,address=ipc:///tmp/stf-pipe-0,rateLogging=10,transport=shmem"' | o2-dpl-raw-proxy" endpoint="" error="context deadline exceeded" id="2SJYSUgpWdZ" task="" transport="JSON"

Any help would be appreciated…
Thanks in advance,

I’ve got the solution of the issue with the help of the experts. I write it here for other people.
For the QC one expects a correspondence between the tasks/checks written in the QC configuration json file and what’s launched by ControlWorkflows.
For example, the standard QC experts to have a Check named QCCheck. If this is not found in the json file, the workflow cannot be correctly created.
The solution is to:

  • Export a new workflow as explained here, containing the o2-qc with the desired json configuration file
  • Launch an acquisition w/o ticking the QC case, and adding instead: dpl_workflow: your_newly_created_workflow in the custom parameters