SCA core reset in CRU python utilities


could you explain the difference of the following two code sections?
Which one is the correct way of resetting the SCA FPGA core?

On a side note:
We would prefer it if the init() routines would not already change the state of the hardware. It is quite confusing to simply run, e.g., GBTSC/sw/, without ‘doing’ anything, but behind the scenes something gets reset in the hardware and stuff magically works again.

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indeed the function

def reset(self, debug = None) :
        RESET the SCA block inside the FPGA
        self.rocWr(self.wr_add_ctr, 0x800000, debug)
        self.rocWr(self.wr_add_ctr, 0x0, debug)

is old and not supported by the firmware anymore.

I used the reset in the init, because when I switch from one gbt CH to another one I want to reset the core.
I will discuss with the other and see if we should remove it.