Set object name in QCG

Hi experts,

in the course of making the output of one of our tasks mergeable we made a class from which a mergeable object containing the data is published to the qcdb and then visualized via post processing.

You can see the object (and my problem) on the qcg-test page in the path qc/TPC/MO/Clusters/o2::quality_control_modules::tpc::ClustersData. Unfortunately the name under which the object is published is the class name itself (including the namespace) and not the name of the object that is stored as a std::string private member.

So my question is: What is the property that the class needs to have so that the objectsManager or whoever is responsible for taking the name recognizes the proper name of the object?

I summon @pkonopka, because I am pretty sure this is an easy one for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


In principle that should be the TObject’s name. Thus, if you derive from a ROOT class, you should use something valid once you construct that base class object. For example: QualityControl/MergeableTH1MPVPerDECycle.h at ad71eb901b682808b8a3ff6fd06d4602764a4550 · AliceO2Group/QualityControl · GitHub

Otherwise, you could try overriding const char* GetName() const to return what you need.

Thanks, Piotr! Overriding GetName() works for now.