Set specific ccdb storage

Dear @swenzel and/or @zampolli ,
in the digitisation phase I need to access an object from the CCDB. This object is in the localhost. Is there a way to tell the digitisation to search this object locally instead of searching it in the standard ccdb server (aka the equivalent of SetSpecificStorage that we used in Run2)?
Thanks in advance,

@dstocco If the object is accessed via DPL CCDB fetcher, you can override its location via e.g.

--condition-remap file://<your_local_dir>=MID/Calib/XXX

The object should be placed or linked in <your_local_dir>=MID/Calib/XXX/snapshot.root file.
In case you are really running a local ccdb server, then you should use

--condition-remap http://localhost:8080=MID/Calib/XXX