Strange behaviour of ALICE Talk re-posting old comments

Dear all,

I experience some strange behaviour of ALICE Talk: In several topics, “new” replies seem to have been added, but having a closer look it turned out, that these are old comments, which somehow have been moved to the end of the discussion, still with the old timestamp, but appearing as “unread”. See e.g.

which is the same as comment 18 in the same topic, or

which is from Feb 19, and the comment above is form Mar 9, so obviously the order is wrong, now. Especially in the latter case I first thought, oh nice, higher priority on this unresolved topic, but then realised, that this is an old comment.

Does anybody else experience similar issues? Does anybody know, why this happens?



I see the same. No idea what is going on here. I don’t believe that it is a feature but might be mistaken. I will investigate a bit and contact Discourse if needed. They proudly feature us so they can certainly help :slight_smile: