System versus to be build packages

aliDoctor tells me:
==> The following packages will be picked up from the system:

- ofi
- FreeType
- zlib
- Python
- autotools
- utf8proc
- lz4
- libxml2
- OpenSSL
- lzma
- bz2
- GCC-Toolchain
- libpng
- libuv

But then aliBuild builds also some which are to be taken from system according to aliDoctor.

==> Building GCC-Toolchain@v7.3.0-alice2
==> GCC-Toolchain is being built (use --debug for full output): ok
Using cached build for GCC-Toolchain

Why ? Is it ok ?

Cheers, Roman.

Which architecture?

centos7 virtual machine created on openstack with image CC7 - x86_64 [2020-12-01]
Cheers, Roman.

Here is full log:


I guess the above is related to the error when I try to run:
[rl@testsoft o2tests] o2-sim-digitizer-workflow [WARN] We support at most 1 dimensional arrays in ConfigurableParams: float pidCuts Run: 1610033140 Fill: 0 Period: LHC State: Start: Thu Jan 7 16:25:58 2021 End : Thu Jan 7 16:26:00 2021 . . . [INFO] CPV is in grp? yes; is skipped? no Error 65542: GLX: GLX version 1.3 is required o2-sim-digitizer-workflow: /home/rl/alice/sw/SOURCES/GLFW/3.3.2/3.3.2/src/input.c:863: glfwSetMouseButtonCallback: Assertion `window != ((void *)0)' failed. Aborted [rl@testsoft o2tests]

Right ?

Hi @lietava

The warning “We support at most 1 dimensional arrays in ConfigurableParams: float pidCuts” can be ignored at the moment. But I don’t understand the question: the log you’ve posted shows that building of the ROOT failed due to the missing libmariadb, then how could you run the o2-sim-digitizer-workflow?

HI @shahoian, sorry I am confused. I can not find any string ‘maria’ in my log ?

@lietava sorry, my fault: I checked an old Downloads/log while yours was downloaded as ``Downloads/log(1)`. You log is OK (except some complains on jalien files, but the build succeeds).
You see to have problem with GL, could you try to run digitization in batch mode

o2-sim-digitizer-workflow -b

to see if this is the only problem?

Hi Ruben,
with -b option it goes without error, thanks.

But I am still confused with environment:
during installation after installing devtoolset I was asked to check
gcc --version to be 7.3.1
Now after installation and loading
alienv load O2/latest
gcc is 7.3.0 ?

Hi Roman,

sorry, there alibuild experts should comment. The alidist asks for v7.3.0-alice2: but on ubuntu 18.04 I have gcc 7.5.0 from the system.