TaskInterface::retrieveCondition vs retrieveConditionAny


What’s the reason retrieveConditionAny does not initialise the CcdbApi if it’s not already while retrieveCondition does ?

Thank you for your very valid question. I don’t know. I will just do the same as the other one. Or actually merge both because retrieveCondition is not used anywhere if I am not mistaken.

@pkonopka any idea ?

Probably a bug

thanks for the answer and the fix in the code.

A related question : the retrieveCondition is only available in tasks, not in checker. Is there a specific reason for this limitation ? I’d basically want to retrieve the bunch filling in the checker to beautify one plot…

I don’t think that there is a good reason. It must have been added there upon a request and that’s it. Could you create a ticket ? I will try to work on this small feature next week.

Ticket created : Cern Authentication