The alienv loading is not working

Hello, I’m using O2 on Ubuntu18.04.
For the first time, I’m not able to load using “alienv enter O2/latest-dev-o2” or “alienv enter O2/latest-dev”. The o2 build is fine (using alibuild), there are O2-latest and O2-latest-dev created in sw/BUILD.

The error message is:
/usr/share/modules/init/bash: ligne 36: /usr/bin/tclsh: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
/usr/share/modules/init/bash: ligne 58 : export: _moduleraw : n’est pas une fonction
/usr/share/modules/init/bash: ligne 60 : export: module : n’est pas une fonction
ERROR: O2/latest-dev-o2 was not found

The command “alienv q” doesn’t find anything.
I have updated o2 and alidist, removed the sw directory, nothing solves this issue.

If someones have any idea, it will be helpfull.
Regards, F. Manso.

In fact, I have seen that the git pull --rebase is not working well (I’m on the dev branch):

manso@clraliceport15:~/test/O2$ git pull --rebase
remote: Enumerating objects: 21085, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (33/33), done.
remote: Total 21085 (delta 33), reused 33 (delta 33), pack-reused 21052
Réception d’objets: 100% (21085/21085), 44.34 MiB | 15.16 MiB/s, fait.
Résolution des deltas: 100% (16258/16258), complété avec 29 objets locaux.
fatal: missing blob object ‘554764f7e75bf6589b503cdb70d8d7b4d3aa6bc6’
error: GitHub - AliceO2Group/AliceO2: O2 software project for the ALICE experiment at CERN n’a pas envoyé tous les objets nécessaires

fatal: impossible de lire 93ba0f7b0c1875c7df888ea98df657a768f45896
error: failed to run repack

I have solved the issue. The tcl library was missing, that was the reason of the message “/usr/share/modules/init/bash: ligne 36: /usr/bin/tclsh: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type”.
After installing tcl, I can use alienv now as usual.