Use Run Number as O2DPG workflow parameter

Dear Experts, All,
I need to comunicate the Run Number to one EPN workflow.
Is there in the ALIECS any possibility to do this ?

Some thing like assign the Run_Number as value of an ‘Extra ENV’ variable ?


Hi @fap

You can fetch it from the workflow itself from the “properties” published by the ECS: AliceO2/CTFWriterSpec.cxx at 1e4e4ffb6c31df1534ea7733075ab3a7be0784c1 · AliceO2Group/AliceO2 · GitHub


Hi Ruben,
I would use the Run Number as command line parameter for the o2-hmpid task in order to mantain the flexibility of the task itself.
If in the environment that runs the workflow is defined a variable with the run number, I could use this for set the command line, this is the idea.

Hi Ruben,
I discussed with David about this issue.
The Run_Number isn’t known at the moment that the workflow is created and started, then I chose your solution, and I put the line to read the run number in the run() method of the Spec.
The switch between the the run number TAG and a different one, is realized setting the command line parameter HMP_PED_TAG=“run_number”, as keyword.
I already prepared a pull request.

Thanks a lot !