Why gitlab?

When reinstalling o2, it asked me for gitlab username/password. What is the connection of O2 with gitlab ?

I added ssh-key to gitlab but still it asks me for username/password at FLUKA at least.
Any suggestions how to avoid it ? R.

Dear Roman,

if you don’t need it, you can disable FLUKA and FLUKA_VMC with the additional option:

--disable FLUKA_VMC

This will disable both and you do not need any gitlab credentials.


ok, thanks, I will use it. But still, do you know if ssh-key should work for gitlab in this case ?
Cheers, Roman.

Here I am acutally not entirely sure, at least I haven’t tried it. But it seems there is a way to avoid having to provide your password all the time by setting an credentials cache. For details, you can have a look here:


The section above concerning SSH keys seems to be valid only for GitHub, not gitlab, but I am not sure.

ok, thanks, I may try. Roman.

For the record, we reverted the change introducing the FLUKA dependency. You should be able to update alidist and see the password prompt gone.

Thanks, Roman.

For the record, we reverted the change including FLUKA, so if you update alidist, you should not have the issue anymore.