Building lhapdf@v6.1.6 fails

Dear experts,
I am trying to build O2. aliBuild fails on lhapdf@v6.1.6. Errors found

ERROR: Unable to download /cvmfs/
ERROR: Unable to download /afs/

I waited half a day in case this was a temporary server error, but the error persists. Full log file can be found here.

Help is greatly appreciated


Hello @pezzi, I cannot reproduce your issue on any platform. The error is quite bizarre, we should not rely either on AFS or CVMFS for the installation phase. Have you tried to contact Jochen Klein or Redmer Bertens about the issue? (Unfortunately I cannot tag them as they never logged in to ALICE Talk.)

Dear @dberzano, I realized that I was using very old alidist recipes. I updated alidist and removed legacy commands from .bashrc. Problem solved. Thanks for looking into it.