Error when building lhapdf@v6.2.1-alice2 on ubuntu 20.04

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to build O2 on my laptop (ubuntu 20.04 x64) with alibuild.
I followed the tutorial here: 🛠 Build the packages · ALICE Analysis Tutorial
The build fails inevitably at the step when building lhapdf, here is the error in alibuild: (when I execute the command aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2)

==> Building lhapdf@v6.2.1-alice2
==> lhapdf is being built (use --debug for full output): failed
ERROR: Error while executing /home/herrmann/alice/sw/SPECS/ubuntu2004_x86-64/lhapdf/v6.2.1-alice2-local1/ on `lyospare52’.
ERROR: Log can be found in /home/herrmann/alice/sw/BUILD/lhapdf-latest/log
ERROR: Please upload it to CERNBox/Dropbox if you intend to request support.
ERROR: Build directory is /home/herrmann/alice/sw/BUILD/lhapdf-latest/lhapdf.

I joined the log.
Please help !
Thanks in advance,
Sarah Herrmann

I found my answer here in case anybody faces the same problem

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I could not figure out what the solution is. Can someone please clearly mention the steps to circumvent this problem?

Hi ! The solution is “lhapdf apparently does not work with python 3. Therefore, on Ubuntu 20 python should be disabled automatically for lhapdf, but it not. As a temporary workaround I added the line
in alidist/ before the line where the ./configure command is executed.”